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Advantages of Hollow Block Masonry


Construction of houses with masonry is the oldest and most common technique used throughout the world. Unreinforced masonry can withstand gravity loads very well because it has good compressive strength but has very Low or negligible tensile strength. It has been realized that unreinforced masonry structures cannot sustain the seismic forces effectively and therefore efforts have been made, either to strengthen the unreinforced masonry structures against the seismic forces or to discover new method of construction which is equally economical as well as practicable. Reinforced hollow concrete block masonry is the ideal solution for making structure resist lateral forces.

Advantages of Hollow Block Masonry

  1. Box type structure makes structure seismic resistant.

  2. Cost effective

  3. Improved carpet area

  4. 20% lower weight than Brick masonry

Structural Advantages In this construction system, structurally, each wall behaves as a shear wall and a diaphragm respectively, reducing the vulnerability of disastrous damage to the structure/building, during the natural hazards. Due to the uniform distribution of reinforcement in both vertical and horizontal directions,¬ through each masonry element, increased tensile resistance and ductile behavior of elements could be achieved. Hence, this construction system can safely resist lateral or cyclic loading, when compared to other conventional masonry construction systems. This construction system has also been proved to offer better resistance under dynamic loading, when compared to other conventional systems of construction

No additional formwork or any special construction machinery is required for reinforcing the hollow block masonry. Only semi-skilled labour is required for this type of construction. It is a faster and easier construction system, when compared to the other conventional construction systems.

Thermal Insulation: The air in hollow of the block, acts as insulation and transfer of heat from outside is reduced, it keeps house cool in summer and warm in winter. Cavity wall with radiant barrier does not allow external heat to enter the house. It increases efficiency of air conditioners and reduces cost of maintaining indoor temperature.

Highly Durable: Load Bearing, strength can be specified as per the requirement.

Light Weight: Weight of Hollow Block Masonry is 20 to 25 % less compared to conventional brick masonry, which leads to light structural members.

Improved carpet area by 5 % and reduced weight by 30% leads to overall reduction in cost of project without compromising structural stability.

Project can be completed in less time as labour output is much higher compared to brick masonry.

We take up construction jobs using reinforced hollow block masonry, request you to kindly contact us for your requirement.

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