Traning Program


What is the Construction Revolution 1.0 training program? 

A training program for graduates to learn Practical Aspects of Construction. The main reason engineering students need to do this training program is so they are well prepared for a graduate job in their chosen field. It is a chance for you to put what you have learned at university to work in the kind of real-life situations you will come up against when you start your career. Advantages include: We have developed a training program for fresh graduates in collaboration with an e-Learning platform   


The goal of this 2-week Training Program is to Link College Graduates to Local Organizations (Architect / Contractors / Builders) and provide them with experience, thus contributing to the upliftment of the community.

What should a Participant (college Graduate) expect? 


The training program is a comprehensive 2-week training thru e-learning mode. Upon successful completion of training (review Training curriculum and program schedule), take an exam to ensure you understand the important subject matter.  Upon completion, participants’ names will be included and shared in the database of prospective organization’s internship* programs, which would be unpaid and of duration up to three months.


*Note: Internship is not guaranteed and Conart Engineers Ltd. has no obligation to provide an internship.

What should an Organization expect? 

There are hundreds of students graduating every year.  To find committed college graduates, with a better understanding of site practical knowledge, we make them go through a 2-week training program.  Our goal is to train graduates, and provide them with tools so that their 3-month training is mutually beneficial to both, you and them.